Saturday, September 02, 2006


Thus spake Prof. Chris Alexopolous:

"This homework is going to be quite taxing, it is going to be very hard. But I had 3 intentions in my mind before giving you this:

The first intention is to scare you.
The second intention is to get you hooligans off the road. I'm sure I will not see any of you working out beside me at the gym from tomorrow.
And the third intention is to shake off your rustiness and prepare you for the things to come."

"You want to treat these two chapters like they were your girlfriend. Take it to bed, embrace it if you want. Do what you want, I don't care, but know it inside out."

All this in that trademark Greek accent. I'm loving this!!!

Tuesdays and thursdays, 4:30pm, when this class (probability models) ends, there is a gathering of the desi ISyE grads just outside the instructional center. We all crib about how we left well-paying jobs (or job offers) and came to Tech... for this? We all crib about how badly we wanna go back to India, we even start discussing the flight fares. Ten mintes later, we're all back in the lounge working our asses off.

Prof.Alexopolous, your first intention was fulfilled on Day1, the second is almost fulfilled, now that we're here, lets hope the third one gets fulfilled too.

Back to work...

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