Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Going nowhere..

Okay.. so its the time of confessions again. I wonder why its hard for me to accept it when things are going wrong.

Hmm, so studies aren't going that well. I've screwed up a couple of tests which puts my GPA in a precarious position, one more slip and I may not recover. I don't think the tests here really test the knowledge about the subject, all they test is whether you know how to tackle exactly THE problems. But anyways, thats a different thing altogether. Let me just deal with what I'm getting right now, which is more than a handful. Taking Economics for this semester has been a mistake, I would've been better off with a special problem.

All my time management techniques that I used to have back in India seem to have disappeared. I seem to be working all the time without getting any work done. Where's the productivity dude??? Sometimes I feel like an admission mistake here at Tech, my confidence gets stripped* when things get desperate, and its not even like I'm having the kind of fun I'd like to have, there's hardly any fooling around. My chilling out time needs to be less on orkut and more at the gym. A movie with nunu is better than 10 episodes of friends.

* -> There are these moments in class when Alexopolous says "If you don't know this, you shouldn't be at Georgia Tech, you should be at Georgia state or something." And there are always more than a few of us staring at each other with helplessness, basically just feeling like shit.

The projects seem to be going nowhere... the data we've been given for the warehousing project is so messed up. It feels more like a comp sci project now. The DO project just won't take off... maybe cos we have no deadlines for it?? I'm afraid we're taking it way to easy.

I think Sandeep (tech waala) puts things into great perspective. He breaks down complex things to simple reasonings. I think he's gotten the closest to putting the finger on where we're going wrong. Its not that we're not doing enough. We're just not doing the right things.

I want to make better use of classes. Finally I'm able to follow some probability classes, cos I've managed to clear some things out. Warehousing is chill.. not a lot is covered in the time. I've stopped attending economics classes, he talks rubbish, he's not audible, and he puts half the class to sleep. This is a self study subject (a mistake in the first place). Its the DO class that I need to start making sense of real soon. Its getting seriously out of hand now. Mainly cos I haven't been handling the assignments the way they're meant to be. Time...

I think its time to go back to schedules. This feels like the time in the 1st year of Inter (only a million times intense) when I felt like shit when the results were out. And then sap had really got me going on the improvements thingie... I guess that was the first time in my life that I had actually started studying. Yeah, this feels like it... deep in shit, need somethin to get you back up (put your ass on fire).

This post feels good.. I've already had a couple of remedial measures built up in my head after puking all this out here.

Closing note: Why do so many profs keep using the phrase "Welcome to tech"?? I know wat its like now, so stop sayin it, and stop makin yourselves sound like monsters waitin to eat up bees.


Anonymous said...

hmmm... i relate to a lot of these too....

anunu said...

1) tech professors make life difficult for you. you have to learn to ignore their threats and read between the lines for what is actually important. They try their best to freak you out. Ask me about physics at tech, and I'll tell you some stories about bloodshed.
2) This is a hard school - nto because the classes are hard to grasp - but because they make it hard so you can learn more out of it. Tech prides itself in shafting students. The hidden trick is to celebrate your victories, the little ones, and make sure you have a lot of them.

you actually care, a lot. don't let your professors take that away - but don;'t let the same caring ruin your college life. trust me - you'll look back at it. As far as classes go - yes, its tough. Take a deep breath, suck it up, go through it, and look forward to partying all night when you've "beat the shaft" - I know you will.

anunu said...

OHH right now you're writing your DO test. sweet. :D kick some optimized ass.

sapna said...

Read this post again, it should make you feel proud, or at the very least smile :)

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