Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The alarm(s)..

Me and Nimbo are roomies. We sleep at weird hours and wake up at weirder hours. And these weird and weirder hours are different for us both.

Me and Nimbo do all sorts of things online to kill time. We're at Georgia Tech you know... surely we cant sleep at 11. A few hours into the night, we realised we haven't done any studies and we have an early class or an assignment due or something, so we promise ourselves (or each other) to wake up early, like in 4hrs.

So our plan... we set 3 alarms... one is my cell, which these days plays the title song of Rang de basanti to try n wake us up, the other is a cute lil stop-watch thingie that I got from the career fair. It's pretty slick, you can store upto 3 alarm times in it. So we set them 5 mins apart. Like Nimbo says.... its like a mosquito... not loud enough to wake you up, but irritating enough to make you want to shut it. Now the third alarm is the one that Nimbo got from India. It has that standard alarm tone to it. But its the stupidest clock you can find. The button to turn it off is on its top, so all you need to do is take a wild blow.

Anyways... so 4 hrs after we decide to sleep... my cell goes off... I've become to efficient, I can shut it before Daler Mehndi utters a word. Then the mosquito goes off. Now its not loud enough to make it worth the 3 foot trip, so we let it ring for the one minute before it shuts down. Maybe one the third time, one of us finally shuts it. Now the last one, the Indian alarm, its real loud. The moment it goes off, its a race to who gets there and gets to unload the irritation on the poor lil thing with a good thud.

All alarms done, a sleepy thought occurs that maybe it is time to wake up. But then, old habits die hard, we always fish for the "5 more minutes".

Its usually me who finally wakes up 3hrs later. I ask him if he has a morning class (the guy with the morning class gets the priority to the bathroom), he utters a sleepy no, just so I'd go and he could sneak in another 45min of sleep.

When I finally wake him up after my shower, he looks at the Indian alarm and goes... FUCK!!!

Thats how the day starts at 580, McAfee.


Akhil said...

Nice post..well, something like that happens in my room too..onyl difference being that everyone switches off the alarms that i set and goes back to sleep..and instead of 2 we'r 6.. so u can understand the fights that happen for the time @ bathroom everyday kind of supports Darwin's theory..

rash said...

Well nice hiten,at my end(mind u only during exams) i ask pinky to wake me up, n she doesnt give up calling till i am awake n then she will sleep off as if her duty is to wake me up...Well on normal days pretty cool

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