Monday, March 12, 2007

The alarms (Part 2)

I had written about mine and nimbo's struggle with the alarms a couple of posts ago. Well... some things have changed, some haven't..

Things that have not changed:
We still waste time in the nights... he watches Naruto, i'm hooked to YouTube.
We still have an early class/assignment due.
We still HATE waking up.

Things that have changed:
The "mosquito" alarm is now no longer used. We decided its no good for us sleeping giants anyways, so why lose those few seconds of sleep to it???
My alarm ringtone has changed from Rang de basanti to Dream on... was hoping for some early morning inspiration, duh, what was I even thinkin!!??
I no longer participate in the race to bang that Indian alarm... now its a nice routine.. i wake up.. yell at nimbo to wake up, he bangs it, and we go back to sleep.
Oh, he got a cell too.. he keeps it on snooze... the turns it off only the third time..

Alright... I should go sleep now... "gotta wake up early tomorrow".
heh heh heh.


Arya said...

sooooooo jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

sapna said...

he he he he he he [:)]

Divya Das said...

tell me about alarm clocks!! i used to make sure I keep it as loud as it can get at a safe distance away, so that I am dragged to get up and reach out to it, to stop!! :)

btw, Hi hiten, Didnt know u had a blog. Will check back often!

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