Friday, May 25, 2007

The two sides...

I'm having an interesting time here in Nashville, the music-city of the States. Interesting, but tough too. I get to see a microcosm of the two sides of this country in this outskirt of a lil town. I work in a company thats as global as global can get... its an extremely busy atmosphere, filled with high profile people, who perpetually seem on calls to somewhere in Europe. The parking lot really tells a lot about the kind of occupants of the building.. its like an auto show in a little parking lot...

When I get back "home"... its like I walk into a totally different country. I'm the only person in this building without a tattoo on me, and who isn't smokin away like a chimney. Half the people here look like drug-addicts, wonder how they can afford it though..

Its amazing, i think sometimes, how this much economic disparity has creeped into such less geographical distance. On a smaller scale, there was Banjara Hills, close to those tiny gallis of Ameerpet, or even Sainikpuri, close to the non-descript Nirmal Nagar. Really... how did this happen??? How did so much disparity ever creep in???

Somewhere, somethin did go terribly wrong..


Arya said...

dekho barish ho rahi hai its raining its raining
yaar tatoo banva le...i feel bad for u...coz d feeling i get from your blog is that u r feeling all left out..yaar woh kar
cigar oina shuru kar...yaar dude ban yaaar

Hiten Mehta said...

drugs bhi shuru karu kya??

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