Sunday, June 24, 2007

A wonderful weekend..

It was something I had been looking forward to ever since I got to Nashville, making the trip back to Atlanta, which is so much more like home now.

Not my favourite means of transport, but also my only option, I rode the Greyhound again, breakin a promise of not doing it ever again :) But this time around, I was in for a cute lil surprise. It wasn't hard at all to decide which seat I wanted on the bus. With a few window seats left, some of which were next to ppl who occupied more than one and a half seat, some next to ppl who it seemed hadn't showered since the last time it rained... no, all this was bullshit.. the prying eyes of a 22yr old guy obviously had to fall on the seat next to a cute European-looking girl.

It took me 5 mins to realize she didnt speak English all that much. What followed were my best 2hrs in a long long time... It was so refreshing talking to a non-American girl, someone who knew the world beyond America.. we just had loads of harmless (though loud, at times) fun, something you'd never expect in a Greyhound bus. The girl was Lina.. an sales intern studying "politician" in Lithuania (I admit I had to ask her to show me where it was on the map). She did a heck of a job for someone who's been learning English for just under an year.

With high spirits, and no signs of the K-factor (lingo exclusive to tech isye junta), was all upbeat abt gettin homw to Atlanta.. met randeep, professor, chimpy, drama n bhavik.. loads of beer.. makkadman.. world politics... mega-screwing of Randeep and it was 3:30 in no time.

Saturday... after an unsuccessful house hunt, the usual chaddi chor bashing with anant n sheikh.. it was so awesome to see Arya... my partner in loneliness, also a villager (though I maintain Nashville is not a village). Had an unsuccesful bird-spotting at Cumberland while sheikh was emptying his pockets..

Then... we witnessed god himself. A R Rahman was unbelievable.. u'd think post-recording editing made songs sound that much better.. but when its happenin live before you... its just somethin else. Choicelessly, the non-tamilians amongst us also danced to the beats of the Sivaji songs.. though my high points from the concert had to be Secret of Sucess (Boys), Maa tujhe salaam, the Sivamani solo (un-freakin-believable), chaiyya chaiyya, Paathshaala... oh damn i'm gonna keep goin.. I think Saurabh was an idiot for missin it.. anant too... and anu... tu na... :)

So later, wantin to make most of our time together.. me, arya n drama decided to skip sleep... rum helped us see the "other side" of drama, added with tonnes of egotistical attitude :) Leaving a dwunk drama to coochy-coo, me n arya walked thru campus, at like 5 in the mornin (last done before eco finals)...

The return journey in the Greyhound was nowhere close to my east-european experience, but well, it got me here writing this absolutely pointless post... a "contemporary" post that I haven't done in ages.

It sucked not meetin nunu in Nashville... but koi nahi.. next time.. but I really had an awesome awesome time meetin the others.. ok I'm hungry, and sleepy. bye,hic.


Arya said...

apni to pathshala masti ki pathshala.....aisa bolega waisa bolega....hehhhehe
dharma coochy coo..heheh
yeah ill hopefully be at NA and will be a perpetual guest read pest at ur place hehehe

Arya said...

look at that smile n dat pic

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