Monday, May 12, 2008


Why is satisfaction so elusive? Why are we constantly looking at the next step in life? The next car, the next job, MBA, New York City, when your present is so young? Is it bad to slow down and live in today, while still having a plan for the future? I really don't understand why people cannot think of today as a learning experience... something that will make you stronger tomorrow. Why curse your present, really?

What do you gain by talking trash about people you don't like, or about people who are not like you, or people who have actually achieved something in life? Why can't you respect all women? Does it give your ego a boost when you degrade a person in your own eyes? I'm sure it doesn't, cos if it did, you wouldn't be doing it again the next day.

Why can't you be proud of your country? Why curse it for its shortcomings when you're not doing anything to help?

Why can't you just be happy? Why can't you be satisfied?


sapna said...

ok people usually write such a blog...when they are particularly not satisfied at that stage.... kya ho gaya tumhe ?

[ sar jo tera chakraye ya dil dooba jaye, aaja pyaare paas hamare kahe ghabraye... ;) ]

Sphinx said...

Some (rather, many) men are weak...All the want is some sort of a sanction that permits them to know that it's alright to live with the weakness that they possess. It is this sanction that makes them feel that sense of illusive happiness that even others are imperfect like them. That's when they curse others; disrespect people; they find excuses and blame the neighbour, the country and the entire world.
Needless to say, such people can be of no help or use to anyone, coz they are incapable to act.
Thats why they can't be happy. That's why they cant be satisfied. How can u expect people who are not happy to be proud??

What made you write this?

Sphinx said...

What happened?? Long time..No posts..
Take out some time dude... :P (i know u'll say..look who's talking..nonetheless, do write here...this unfortunately is the only way for us to know whats going on with each other)..

Arya Paturkar said...

Dude...answer these questions when you come to LA...I am looking for similar answers lately :-(

sapna said...

Waiting for your next post hit...

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