Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thanks MJ...

I've never really been a huge fan of Michael Jackson, although I do like his songs. Still, his passing does bring about a sadness.

I guess I'll always remember him for one special reason. I've only once in my life won any sort of prize for singing. We were in eighth grade then, and even though it was a only 2nd prize in a group singing competition at the Sainikpuri auditorium, I still am proud of it. We were even invited to sing at our school assembly the following week. It was for the song 'Heal the world' by MJ, and it remains my favorite song of his (along with 'Will you be there'). Listen to it sometime, watch the video, and tell me if it doesn't move you. I don't think we won that prize for our singing talents, I think it was for the message the song carried.

Despite the things he did with his body and all the controversies that he had gotten himself into, I think the world outside of the media will remember him for his music and dance, just like it should be, and for the things he did for peace. His music will really live on, and so will he. Thanks MJ!!

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sapna said...

heard "Heal the World" yesterday again. Had forgotten the song. Its beautiful.Like Tanu said "Wish he had got some of this attention in his last few years...that he s getting after his death"

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