Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Random blogging time. Arrived too early at RDU airport (misread flight time). Have absolutely nothing to do, really. Then remembered I used to blog. Ok back to random blogging.

Life has been mostly good. Ha - see that.. mostly. Yup, this post is about us (or me, at least) not feeling sure, not doing things whole heartedly, ever. Its about circumspection.

I think a lot of us have this uncanny knack of taking the simple joy out of things by just over-analyzing. Really simple things. Buying a pair of shoes, for instance. This one looks sexy.. this one is real light-weight, perfect for running. What do I need more? I wish the light weight one looked as sexy. I wish it were a little cheaper. I need to lose weight, I should buy the light-weight one. Damn.. it has the stripes, not the swoosh. Black or White? Aaaah.. ok let me just get this one. And then.. did I make the right choice? But this just doesn't look as sexy. And there you go.. spent $$$ on a pair of shoes, and still there are ifs and buts.

I wish I could be like those 0.1% people I know who are just sure. I'm more decisive than a lot of people I know (yes sap, you are one of them).. but I wish I could be just happy with the choices I make. Small ones and not so small ones. I feel somewhat consumed by circumspection.. apartment choice, career choice, airline choice, country choice. And then I think about what it would take to eliminate all the circumspection. I realized the answer to most issues is more money. If I had a lot more money.. half the confusion is gone, and many times, I wouldn't have to make a choice at all.

BUT.. more money = less life. What do I want more? Circumspection... haha.. this is fun, no doubt about that!!

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