Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finding your own little heaven..

I woke up this morning with a beautiful thought. There were flashes from that evening at the end of the summer in California. It was a beautiful evening, but we were frustrated from not being able to go on the much famed '17 mile drive' as it was closed just that particular day. We drove along Sunset drive and then paced up and down the streets of downtown Carmel, which had this authentic european feel to it.

It was a random 'turn right' decision that took us to what I now call "my little heaven"... I had never seen such a breathtaking sight at the end of a road. The road ended where the beach began. We had reached "Carmel by the sea"... it really did seem like the far end of earth.

This really was the kind of place I wanted to be in with her.. the ocean without the clamour of the Santa Cruz beach. This was far more pristine.. crashing waves, white sand, scattered people, a couple on their bikes, a lady with her dog, another with her new-born. It was easily the most beautiful sunset I had seen. There's no way I can describe it, but it was like the sun was slowly but surely resigning itself into the ocean, leaving behind a colorful sky and a beautiful evening to cherish. The only indication of time would be the very apparent falling of the sun, otherwise it was all pretty much standstill.

Somehow, I thought to myself.. we're surely gonna return to this place someday. It holds a special place for me, creates a serene thought.. I think of how we just sat there talking about the past, the future, and talking nothing at all. I've always kept looking for my little heaven... something that brings about this calmness when I think of it. It didn't even have to be a place.. it used to be 'the saturday', then 'nowhere', and then this.. I'm sure we all have own little heaven.. its just about realising it when we get there, and then cherishing it for the time to come..

I wish there was a better way to thank the stranger who clicked this for us..


Divya Das said...

:) beautiful

sapna said...

aww... >:)<

David said...

Aww man, this post reminds me why I always wanted to move to that part of the country. How did I end up on the opposite end of it?! Gorgeous write up and pictures.

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