Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've been wondering for quite some time now... why, in this country, are people so scared of the rain? Why do they let weather forecasts plan their weekends?

I was thinking about the times we played soccer in really heavy downpour..rode back home from college on the bike, or even just stepped out on the terrace only to get wet. It was never something that bothered me, or slowed me down. I enjoyed it. And it had been so long since I had been drenched. That was until this weekend. It was pouring cats, dogs and lizards by the time the India Fest got over, and I had parked my car seemingly in Mexico.

I joined the dozens of people waiting in the shelters for the rain to stop. One look upwards confirmed it wasn't close to stopping. So I just walked. It was amazing, even though there was no garam chai at the end of it, not even the smell of the soil. Still, it was amazing.

I think people here should sometimes just let go... they're missing out on so much.


Divya Das said...

so true.. I remember times in college, when in chennai's sweltering heat there would be sudden downpours which we welcomed by getting as drenched as drenched can be..! Its been a while since I did that.. May be i should turn the weather alert off on all the electronic junk i carry!

sapna said...

i looooooooove rain... and chai and pakoras... and coffee and vada... [:)]

Kaushik.S said...

I agree. you should see the highways....its just terrible during rain. people have their hands stuck to the steering and go at a snail's pace. I even saw a couple of mountain bikes go past my car ;). For God's sake, its just rain and not a blizzard or hail!!

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