Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When I wake up tomorrow..

I wish for life to be different when I wake up tomorrow.
I wish I have the same enthusiasm at work that I did on my first day.
I wish to be leaner and stronger, like I was 3yrs ago.
I wish to regain my (slapstick) sense of humor.
I wish to be able to inspire someone.
I wish all my closest friends be around me, and not on the internet.
I wish to be in a different city.. New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago.. anywhere.
I wish a good conversation with a real person is not an impossibility.
I wish to go out and rule the cricket ground again.
I wish for myself to not think so deeply all the time... I wanna be stupid too.

I don't know why I can't act on any of these. Who knows... maybe tomorrow when I wake up, I will know how to.


Anupama said...

i can see u saying..."i hate monotony...MUJHE CHANGE CHAHIYE :)"
...and u know what...all tht u said...is jus one push away...whether work-wise or other-wise...life's gonna be the same if we don't push ourselves to do sth diff!!

sapna said...

i definitely hope you get all those things you wish for...
especially the being in San Francisco bit :)

Arya Paturkar said...

I love what you've written Mehta...I so wish you were around :(

Arya Paturkar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Akhil said...

How i wish so too!! but nothing actually happens until u do something about it..
Just wondering...why dont i see Hyd in the list of cities u wanna be to??
Anyways...wassup with u these days bugger??

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