Thursday, May 07, 2009


I've always believed that you can't watch any sporting event without favoring one of the sides. What is the point of watching it anyway if you don't care who wins?

There have been very few times where I've had conflicts about whom I want to support. Maybe a Man Utd vs Liverpool game... or Celtics vs Spurs. But none of them really matched what happened twice in the past few weeks. The IPL has been largely entertaining, but then the games between Deccan and Mumbai created the super-conflicts. Now obviously I want Deccan to win, simply because they're my 'home' team. BUT... I just cant wish loss upon a team which has Sachin in it.

I took a convenient middle-path though... I wanted Sachin to play well and Deccan to win. Deccan won both games and Sachin played well in one of them.. all happy :)


Arya Paturkar said...

u know i was telling someone that hypothetically if someday world 11 team plays against bajaj nagar 11(the area in ngp where I live :P)and sachin is playing for us :P I will still support bajaj nagar 11

Divya said...

hahha yes.. one of the IPL ads brings in the same emotions..mixed

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